NTHU Student Dormitory Network Application System

Please read carefully and abide by the regulations in the following two pages

  1. The Student Dormitory Network (hereinafter referred to as Dormnet) is part of the campus network. Its main purpose is to facilitate those residing in the school's student dormitories in their pursuit of academic research.

  2. Application details
    1. Application requirements: All students of this school residing in the student dormitories may apply to use Dormnet.
    2. Application submission date:
      • Application for the current academic year's Dormnet service begins before the academic year. After the start of school, the service is available for use when the new IP is assigned.
      • Reapplication is required for use during summer vacation, the application method for which will be announced before the summer vacation.
    3. Application method: Applications and changes are to be done through the Dormnet Application System.
    4. When not using Dormnet or leaving the school, cancellation of the account must be done through the Dormnet Application System

  3. Dormnet provides each user with a communication socket (Ethernet RJ-45 interface).

  4. Computer and network communication fees
    1. During the 2nd executive meeting for academic year 2014, held December 2nd, 2014, it was resolved that for each semester, all students are required to pay a Computer and Network Communication Fee. Starting from the second semester of academic year 2014, non-residents are to pay NT, and residents NT; the fee is waived for students from low-income and middle-low-income households
    2. Not collected during winter and summer vacation
      (Winter and summer vacation are the regular equipment tuning and maintenance periods for the Center's Dormnet system).

  5. Breakdown Maintenance
    1. The appointed dormitory network manager will go to the site at the arranged time to help network users with their queries, resolve problems, and report based on fault reports.
    2. Dormitory network repair and maintenance times:
      • Repairs on faulty network equipment (switches, routers, optical fiber, etc.) are carried out during working hours (Monday to Friday, 8:00 to 12:00pm and 1:00 to 5:00pm).
      • For breakdowns at the user end, upon receiving the report, the Center's maintenance company will carry out repairs in the dormitory room at the appointed time.
      • Eenter maintenance company student network repair and maintenance times: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:00 pm - 5:00pm. The date will be brought forward or postponed by one day if it falls on a holiday.

  6. Dormnet users shall abide by the following rules; violators will have their rights of use terminated.
    1. National Tsing Hua University Campus Network Student Dormitory Network Terms of Use (required reading).
    2. National Tsing Hua University Regulations for Handling Inappropriate Network Usage (required reading).
    3. National Tsing Hua University Student Dormitory Network Management Rules.
    4. Take responsibility for managing your personal computer; take appropriate preventive measures and prevent infection with malware.
    5. Usage of the network shall not infringe on others' rights of use.
    6. Using Dormnet to transmit infringing digital materials is prohibited, e.g., protected audio and video, computer software(required reading), etc.; violators will have their usage suspended for 30 consecutive days, and be required to attend network usage educational sessions given by the Student Assistance Division and handled according to the school regulations.
    7. It is forbidden to link devices for others to use without prior permission.